The property contains a number of valuable buildings and structures including office, industrial and warehouse space. The property also contains significant industrial assets and infrastructure that may be of interest to future users.


Site Buildings

Over 35 buildings of various size, condition and capacity are located on the site. Some of the more unique and valuable buildings are summarized below:

  • Three office buildings totaling 35,000 square feet are located in the central core of the property and are currently used for administration, research and development, and medical services.
  • A modern 82,500 square foot warehouse straddles the security perimeter of the property, allowing for secure product warehousing within the operational footprint of the plant, along with exterior truck and rail access to allow for easy transportation of materials and products.
  • Approximately 50,000 square feet of additional storage and warehouse space is located throughout the property.
  • Over 125,000 square feet of building space is located on the property and used for material processing and manufacturing.
  • A 5,200 square foot Visitor’s Center is located on the western side of the property and features conference and office space.
  • A number of specialized maintenance buildings are located throughout the property featuring valuable built-in equipment, lifts and machinery.

Industrial Assets

The property features a number of industrial assets that may be of value to future users. The decision to decommission and dismantle these assets will be made based upon market interest.

  • On-site heating system includes two (2) Clever Brook Water D-Class Boilers which were installed three (3) years ago. The 300 lb saturated steam system is powered by natural gas.
  • An on-site wastewater treatment system is used to treat process discharge and stormwater. The system has a 5.2 million gallon per day capacity.
  • An above ground pipe bridge supports the distribution of process chemicals and materials through an above ground piping network.

Site Utilities

Substantial infrastructure and public utilities currently serve the property.

Water: Potable water is provided by United Water Delaware. In addition, the facility maintains a Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC) Allocation Permit and a Delaware River Basin Commission (DRBC) Withdrawal Docket that allows a 14.4 million gallon per day draw from the Delaware River.

Stormwater: The property has an extensive storm sewer system that services the entire site.

Natural Gas: The property is served by Natural Gas provided by Delmarva Power.

Nitrogen: Nitrogen is currently supplied to the property through a direct feed line from Claymont, Delaware.

Electricity: Power is provided by Delmarva Power.

Heating: Buildings and facilities on-site are heated using two (2) natural gas fired Clever Brook Water D-Class Boilers which were installed three (3) years ago.